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Reese L.

Technology Sales Leader

" I offer Debbi my highest possible recommendation. This isn't just in recognition of her proven track record, but also for her vast reservoir of knowledge, underscored by an impeccable work ethic and an insatiable drive to learn, adapt, and excel. Any organization or sales team would undeniably prosper from her engagement, witnessing boosts in profitable revenue, both on individual and collective fronts."
Dwayne D.

Technology Sales Executive Director

"From the start, I was impressed with her depth and breadth of knowledge around the sales organization's needs. Her experience and insight were invaluable when it came to understanding the challenges of selling, especially in the pandemic-driven remote environment. I also appreciated her willingness to receive feedback and incorporate that feedback in ways that delivered impact. She is an outstanding professional and business partner. I'm delighted to give her the highest recommendation!"
Shaun M.

Go-To-Market Enablement & Strategy

" Debbi is a fantastic and passionate individual to work with. I admire her interpersonal skills, team building / bonding , her soft spoken nature and her ability to integrate strategic orientation to operational excellence...She was instrumental in leading multiple initiatives within the organisation that got immensely recognized. I had the opportunity to work with her in few assignments and the level of comfort established really resonated well."
Todd N.

Sales Coaching Expert

" As a leader, if your core values include any of the following; uplifting others, achieving, guiding, learning, and challenging others to be great, then you need to surround yourself with leaders who demonstrate these values in their work.

Debbi blends an off-the-charts EQ with a deep understanding of correlating process and performance improvements to achievement. She made a lasting impact at Procore and on me professionally. She has been through challenging campaigns and navigated global enablement challenges with grace and courage. If you are a curious and self-aware leader who wants to be challenged or needs a Coach approach to challenge others to grow and achieve, you would be wise to reach out."

This could mean....

You are not Reaching Decision Makers.

Globally, 54% of sellers are weak in Reaching Decision Makers.

...which can drastically reduce your chances of sealing the deal.

This could mean....

You are not truly Qualifying opportunites.

Globally, 73% of sellers are weak in Qualifying.

...if sellers qualify thoroughly, there is less chance for a premature demo, quote and ultimately lost business

This could mean....

You are not effectively Selling Value.

Globally, 87% of sellers are weak in Consultative Selling.

...and a mere 10% improvement in sales capability can translate into a 33% increase in revenue.

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The 5 Phases of


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